Dr. Iyad Feteih Chairman
Dr.Majed Ashour Member
Dr. Almamoon I. Justaniah Member
Mrs. Hawazeen Abdraboh Member



Dr. Shagran Binkhamis Chairman
Dr.Majed Ashour Member
Mrs. Hawazeen Abdraboh Member



Dr. Walid Asaad Chairman
Dr.Majed Ashour Member
Dr. Almamoon I. Justaniah Chairman
Dr. Mohammad Arabi Member
Dr. Bandar Safar Member
Dr. Walid Asaad Member
Dr. Abdulrahman Alvi Member
Dr. Sultan Alammari Member
Dr. Ghazy Bukhary Member



SIRS Annual Scientific Meeting:

– Formation of the scientific committee of the annual scientific meeting.

Scientific Activities:

– Suggest a list of yearly educational activities (symposia, webinars, workshops, etc.)

– Set times for these activities.

– Form the scientific and organizing committees of each activity when needed. Otherwise, run the whole program when applicable.

Practice Guidelines:

– Determine the requirements for clinical guidelines.

– Develop a list of guidelines to be issued during its term.

– Identify a recognized expert to serve as the principle author for a given guidelines.

– Set up subcommittees or working parties to produce guidelines, and oversee the compilation, production and the consultation process, and ratification of the completed document before publication.

– Provide timelines for each guidelines document.

– Publish guidelines, position statements, recommendation, etc.

– Ensure that there are timely and regular revisions of existing guidelines and other scientific information to national standards.

– Review guidelines/recommendations developed by other organizations for SIRS endorsement.


– Generate, edit and update the IR clubs policy & procedure.

– Ensure that each club president is following the policy & procedure and reporting quarterly to the scientific committee.


– Review scientific materials intended to be broadcasted on the website, social media, flyers, etc., and approve when appropriate.

– Review requests from other organizations to participate in scientific events and suggest representatives.

– Respond to scientific debates and questions.

– Collaborate with the SCFHS scientific committee to improve the IR training program.

Dr.Mohammad Arabi
Dr. Almamoon I. Justaniah Member
Dr. Ibrahim Alrashidi Member
Dr. Ibrahim Alghamdi Member
Dr. Ali Alsaadi Member


SIRS Annual Scientific Meeting:


– Set the abstract submission criteria.

– Review the submitted abstracts.

– Determine the best poster and oral presentations for the research award.

Publication Award:

– Announce for the award.

– Set the selection criteria.

– Collect and review the submitted publications.

– Determine the winning publications.

Fellows Research Day:

– Announce and organize the fellows’ abstract presentation during SIRS Annual meeting.

– Select a panel to score the fellows’ presentations during SIRS meeting. (The panel should include at least three senior consultants from different Institutions)


– Review and approve the awards.

– The Chairman of the research committee signs the certificates, along with the President of the society.

– All of the above mentioned awards/certificates are to be presented during SIRS annual meeting.


– Conduct basic and advanced workshops to better develop the research skills.

– Reach out and collaborate with regulatory authorities and industry to explore research opportunities.

– Support multi-institutional research:

a) Announce and organize multi-institutional research activities.

b) Create disease-specific or procedure specific nationwide registries.

– Seek to join other societies, international institutions, and industry’s

– Worldwide registries and trials.



Dr.Noha Guzaiz Chairperson
Dr. Mohammed AlShaikh Member
Dr. Iyad Feteih Member



Dr.Faisal AlAhmari Chairman
Dr.Saad AlQahtani Member
Dr. Muhammad Sharahili Member
Dr Mohammed Alhwaish Member



Dr.Bader AlMuatiri Chairman
Dr.Ibrahim AlGhamdi Member